As an insurance provider, your business depends on the quality of the service you provide your policyholders. If you don't deliver quality products and services, your policyholders will choose an insurance provider who will. And if you don't resolve a policyholder's claim efficiently, accurately, and with top-notch customer service, they'll move on to a company that does exactly that.

At Keene Appraisal Service, we take that concept to heart. We want to help you meet that goal of quality customer service. When your policyholder makes a claim, they want to know that their insurance provider cares enough to resolve the claim quickly and accurately. Whether its automotive, motorcycles, heavy equipment, even snowmobiles, we provide quick and accurate appraisals.

Using only the highest-quality estimating information packages, we guarantee that our appraisals will be the most up-to-date, accurate, and efficient appraisals available to you and your policyholders. We will meet or exceed industry turnaround time on all assignments. We will locate repair parts for automotive claims. We'll even handle your demand waivers for you! And all in a cost-efficient and friendly manner. That way your policyholder has their claim resolved with a minimum of hassle….just the way a claim should be.

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